About Dr. Allen Hui
Allen C. Hui, O.D.

Dr. Allen Hui was born and raised in northern California.  He attended the
University of California, Berkeley and received his Doctor of Optometry
degree from the reputable Southern California College of Optometry.

Dr. Hui completed his internship at the Naval Hospital in Japan before
returning to California to practice optometry. Dr. Hui moved to Las Vegas
thereafter and has practiced locally for two and a half years before residing in
his current location since April of 2008.
With years of experience and continuing education in eye care, Dr. Hui is able to
provide you with professional, quality services.  In addition to comprehensive
exams and contact lens fittings, Dr. Hui is also certified in the treatment and
management of ocular diseases and the co-management of Lasik and cataracts
with the best ophthalmologists in Las Vegas.

Contact Dr. Allen Hui at

Dr. Allen Hui Optometry, LLC.
7100 W. Arroyo Crossing Pkwy
Ste. 1
Las Vegas, NV 89113
ph: 702-407-8458
fax: 702-407-8576